Bill 160 Passed

Bill 160, Occupational Health and Safety Statute Law Amendment Act, 2011

For those who have not heard, on May 18, 2011, the Government of Ontario passed Bill 160 after receiving its third reading which was carried forward by 79 votes to 0. Upon receiving Royal Assent, the Act will become law and will come into force no later than April 1, 2012.


  • Prevention mandate shifted to the Ministry of Labour (Part II of the WSIA is repealed)
  • Requirement for mandatory training for workers and health and safety representatives
  • Expansion of powers for Joint Health and Safety Committee co-chairs to make direct recommendation to employer/constructor where committee fail to reach consensus
  • Establishment of a Prevention Council and Chief Prevention Officer
  • Development of Codes of Practice for Accident Prevention
  • Inspectors given power to refer reprisal to the Ontario Labour Relations Board

In addition, the bill gives the MOL the power to implement other changes as recommended by the “Dean Panel Report”. These changes are intended to improve upon training standards, and establish approved trainers. This “raising of the bar” should help strengthen the quality and delivery of safety training programs throughout the industry and their implementation into workplaces to the benefit of all workers safety.

As stated by Charles Sousa, Minister of Labour: “We all have the same goal – to make sure all workers go home safe and healthy at the end of the day. These amendments will help prevent injuries and create productive workplaces – and that’s good news for all Ontarians.”

Please link to elaws to view the full details.

At CBHM Our Philosophy Has Never Wavered:

  • Provide great service and provide our clients the experts to meet their needs
  • Ensure our consultants/trainers are all certified safety experts holding CRSP, Goldseal Certifications, and/or appropriate representative credentials
  • Ensure our training programs are developed in accordance to established standards and guidelines
  • Ensure programs are delivered by experts in respective disciplines/background expertise

 Certified Programs:

– CBHM Confined Space program approved by OWWCO (Ontario Water Wastewater Certification Office)

– CBHM First Aid, and Part One Certification programs are approved by regulatory bodies

Best Regards,

Lisa MacKenzie, President