Canadian Business Health Management Aiding Companies in Work Place First Aid Training

(Orillia, ON) April 9, 2013 – Canadian Business Health Management Inc. (CBHM) is proud to be offering first aid training in the workplace. The company offers a variety of training and certification programs related to health and safety within the work place environment but have put a special focus on first aid training since 1997. The training helps companies ensure compliance with federal and provincial laws.


CBHM utilizes scenario based training simulations catered to the specific workplace environment to ensure that individuals being trained understand how to react when real-world situations occur. The training courses can be customized to any environment including hospitals, manufacturing plants, retail stores, government and professional environments.

First Aid Training

Ian MacKenzie, Owner states “First aid training is more than just about complying with the mandated requirements of businesses; it’s about ensuring that there are people in place that can help in the event of an accident or emergency. That’s why we cater our training to specific workplace environments; however, the skillslearned become much more than just knowing how to treat an injury, the skills instill an awareness within participants about healthy choices, the accidents and injuries which occur, which helps focus on prevention, and that means safer people within and outside of workplace.”


CBHM offers specialized training as needed but also offers general first aid training courses open to the public. These general registration first aid training programs take place in Orillia, Ontario but also to private group settings. The company is able to provide WSIB approved training programs to companies across Ontario.


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Canadian Business Health Management Inc. has been in business since 1997, representing companies in many different business sectors involving workplace and safety training, OHSA training, management consulting and soft skills training, along with other compliance and certification/training programs. We have stayed focused on providing and building new services that will help companies achieve their safety and performance objectives.


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