CBHM Receives MOL Approvals for JHSC Training

Part One Basic Certification

CBHM Receives MOL Approvals for JHSC new standards: Part One Basic Certification training and Part Two Certification Training!

Part Two Certification
Since 1997, CBHM has represented companies across Ontario in various business sectors providing health and safety, first aid and management training programs. We have stayed focused on providing and building services that will help companies achieve their safety and performance objectives.
CBHM employs only expert trainers and consultants who are specialists in their respective areas with varying professional designations from Canadian Registered Safety Professionals, to Health Care professionals, to name a few. Experience, knowledge, competency, like-ability, and overall professional and ethical representation are what make our people and company stand out.


CBHM is also in the final audit stages of being Ministry of Labour approved for the Part One Refresher and Working At Heights. We will be making the official announcement in the near future.
JHSC New Standards At A Glance.


To register for on-site training, please submit an information form or call our office at 1-866-461-2246.