Employers – Know Your Rights

The MOL has increased its number of inspectors in Ontario for the enforcement of the OHSA to prevent injuries in Ontario businesses.   Changes to the OHSA include confined space, noise exposure, violence / harassment, ticketing program, farming operations and, most of all, search warrants.  It is expected many of the targeted employers will receive orders or prosecution under the OHSA and its regulations.

MOL initiatives, WSIB injury statistics, and violation of the OHSA may eventually have an inspector arrive at your doorstep regardless of past history with the MOL. WSIB and MOL inspectors have broad investigation powers under the OHSA.

Are you prepared?   Do you know your rights?  Does the employer have a program in place indicating who is responsible (trained) to respond to inspector questions, post accident investigation or orders?  When should you be contacting counsel to determine your rights?