First Aid Training & The Boston Marathon Bombings

Terrorist attacks on North American soil are rare, but when they do happen they can unite a community and a nation. With the recent attack in Boston, the number of stories emerging from the aftermath, where ordinary people are rushing to the aid of the injured has been astounding.

There are hundreds of stories of ordinary citizens helping those injured in theblast; but a common theme among them is that a large number of them had basic first aid training.

First Aid Training

Let’s take a quick look at the story of Robert Wheeler, read the full story here on CBS Boston. He had finished the race, but when the explosions occurred he quickly ran towards the blast and began to help the injured. He came across a man whose leg was bleeding profusely. Thanks in part to his first aid training Robert used his shirt to apply pressure to the wound in an effort to prevent excessive blood loss, until emergency medical responders could come to help the injured man. This simple action helped to save the life of this individual.


No one can predict how each person will react in a situation where there are injuries, but whether it’s a terrorist attack or a simple fall in the workplace, having individuals around with basic first aid training can go a long way. While required by Ontario law to have a number of employees trained in first aid, the value of knowing the basics of first aid is something that should be afforded to all employees.


Extraordinary circumstances like the Boston Marathon bombings don’t happen every day; however, the practices learned from first aid training and the stories from those who provided help to so many of those injured in the early moments of the tragedy, should not be forgotten.


We continue to send our best wishes and a healthy recovery to all those affected by this tragedy.