Health and Safety Program Development objectives are to help companies build solid Health and Safety programs and policies. Since we incorporate our ‘Strategic Safety Audit – i.e. gap analysis’ as the initial base line to direct the overall goals and objectives for your H&S Program, you can be assured that the final program will meet your goals/objectives and stay within budget.

Program Development

Why do Companies Need to Develop Safety Programs?

1. Your company has reached a growth point where you need to standardize processes, manage your workers with a clear message about safety and accountability, create documentation, and instill a safety culture that will carry your business forward with the message of responsible leadership.


2. Your company is established, but you are looking to implement a Health & Safety Management System to perhaps refresh or renew older policies/procedures, or to maybe instill a more integrated sharing process within the organization with respect to the management system, corporate goals/direction, and/or to build/improve upon the safety culture through Leadership Development.

Developing Policies and Procedures

Policies are the adopted principles and the rules/guidelines created by an organization to help reach its long-term goals. Procedures are the specific methods/directions put in place to carry out the policies, ongoing throughout the daily operations of the organization.

Policies and procedures are more than just rules, they are the vision/viewpoint of the organization in how it conducts itself and helps steer all major decisions and actions and the activities derived therein.


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