CBHM in association with Cheryl Parker, has developed a one-day Mental Health in Life & the Workplace workshop to participate in that discussion with your employees. This workshop will bring you valuable information on how to take care of yourself day to day, while navigating through your work day, as well how to support others who are dealing with mental health issues.

Mental Health in Life & the Workplace

Mental Health Workshop Outline (6 Hours):

  • Define Mental Health vs Mental Illness
  • Identify and dismantle stigma around mental health in the workplace
  • Ways to measure when normal stress is becoming abnormal stress
  • Identify behaviors so you know when your stress is impacting you in an unhealthy way
  • Learn strategies and concrete tools to reduce your stress back to healthy levels
  • Assist you to identify stressors in your own life and how to manage them
  • Ways to support yourself and others in your mental health in your life and in your workplace


Who Facilitates the Workshop?

“A passionate grief and wellness expert skilled at transforming your mental health”.

Cheryl Parker has been facilitating Mental Health Workshops with groups, and one on one, for 12 years. She provides clients with guidance through her interactive workbook where people explore their healing in a safe supportive environment. She leads people dealing with grief, loss, depression anxiety and general mental health issues, to a more meaningful purpose and helps them reconnect with joy and love in their lives. She facilitates Mental Health Workshops to Adults in the Workplace and Mental Health Training to youth in the Ontario Junior Hockey League.

Mental Health in Life & the Workplace

Employee Benefits:

  • Getting back to work faster
  • Feeling productive and improve morale
  • Sense of commitment from employer
  • Overall increased well-being
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Opportunity for Self Reflection
  • Ability to identify when normal stress becomes abnormal stress
  • Learn concrete tools and strategies to manage stress
  • Learn how to support others dealing with mental health
  • Self Care Tools to practice on a daily basis to manage your Mental Health

Company Benefits:

  • Additional support to provide employees
  • Creates a partnership and trust between employees and company
  • Reduce disability costs
  • Remove costs for interim replacement employees
  • Increased loyalty from employees
  • Employees are better equipped to manage their Mental Health and feel healthier in the workplace


What Are Signs of Mental Health?

Signs of mental health and their impacts are lack of purpose, decreased morale, decreased productivity, loss of vitality and increased sick time. Mental health can be associated with depression, anxiety and grieving from various losses that are not limited to death alone (such as divorce, lifestyle, addictions, retirement, empty nest, health, mobility, etc.). All these mental health issues impact our employees and our lives on a day to day basis.


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Mental Health in life & the workplace