Lockout Tagout Training objectives are to ensure participants are familiar with the hazards and legal implications of not locking out equipment with hazardous energy sources.

Lockout Tagout Training

LOTO Training Theory Outline (4 Hours):

  • What is lockout tagout
  • General understanding of the law
  • Why lock out policies are needed
  • Recognizing the risks in not locking out machinery properly
  • Understanding how the law applies to HEC and lock out
  • Under what circumstances does HEC and lock out apply
  • The different types of energy that need to be controlled
  • A planned way to lock out a power driven machine
  • The ways to develop machine specific lock out procedures
  • The use of placards
  • Understanding how the law applies
  • Important definitions that everyone should know
  • The steps to lock and unlock a piece of equipment
  • Understanding which circumstances do you need to lockout
  • Different lockout devices
  • Shop floor hands-on practical training

Note. Addition 2 hours of training if practicals required.


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