Why First Aid Training Is Important In The Work Place

Benjamin Franklin said it best – An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  This coined expression, has clearly proven itself time and time again, especially when looking at the importance of first aid training within our workplaces.

For more than 15 years, CBHM has been training Ontario workplaces in first aid training and CPR and have seen first-hand the overall commitment put forth by those enrolled. People involved in first aid are our colleagues, neighbors’ and friends, many of whom volunteer to be trained in order to gain valuable lifesaving skills and to help others when in need. The training received has become a valuable component to a company’s overall health and safety objectives, as it not only provides how to treat an injury or health issue, but also to act proactively by identifying hazards or health concerns that may be present within their environment. This means, that not only have the possible hazards been identified, but also procedures and any required safety equipment and medical supplies made ready to act as required in an emergency situation.

Trainer / Training Background

Having worked as paramedics and nurses, CBHM trainers have first-handexperience in not only approaching various scenes but also in treating workplace injuries and illnesses. Their expertise brings a tremendous amount of confidence and knowledge to assist students in understanding the skills they need to know, and also in knowing what to expect when EMS arrives at their work facility.

Knowing and putting in place Health and Safety policies and procedures is the “an ounce of prevention”; “a pound of cure” is the response of your first aid personnel who are making all the difference in helping our workers and the safety of our workplace.