Why WHMIS Training

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) training is a vital program for businesses from every industry sector to implement, and most importantly it is a mandatory law that’s been implemented across Canada.  In order to protect your management team and employees, it is your responsibility to provide them with the education required to be familiar with what may deem as hazardous, as well as preventative measures to take for a safe working environment.


WHMIS is obligatory through a combination of federal and provincial legislation. Federal legislation requires importers of hazardous materials to provide sufficient labels and MSDSs as a condition of importation.


The goal of WHMIS training is to provide everyone with the knowledge and confidence necessary to maintain a safe and orderly workspace at all times.  Once educated on the WHMIS system, all staff members should be capable of identifying hazards, and ways in which to protect themselves in the event of an emergency. It is recommended that WHMIS training be ongoing to reinforce the importance of remaining compliant, but also to keep information fresh among your staff. Like anything it’s easy to forget certain procedures if reminders aren’t in place. Ensure your whole team is well aware of the safety and health hazards surrounding them.


According to WHMIS legislation, there are 3 ways in which hazardous material must be made known:
1.    Labels on the packages or containers of the hazardous product
2.    Information sheets outlining the dangers and pre-cautionary steps  to prevent chemical spills and personal  injury
3.    Educational programs that inform management and staff on ways in which they can prevent accidents, and tips to remain organized, clean and compliant with WHIMIS regulations.


CBHM can help you develop a WHMIS program that will inventory all Hazardous Materials, create MSDS sheets and labels, and properly store your chemicals. Contact our office today to discuss how we can assist you.