Working At Heights Refresher Training in Barrie

Training validity is three years* from the date of successful completion; thereafter, refresher training must be taken by a worker on a construction project using one of the listed fall protection methods. Workers will be able to renew the validity of the working at heights training by successfully completing a CPO-approved half-day “refresher” training program, delivered by a CPO approved training provider.


Employers are responsible for ensuring all workers are competent in their duties; hence, many companies will/should continue to train their workers yearly on their policies and procedures specific to their equipment and safe work plan, and/or should whenever new equipment and/or changing conditions develop.

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Here are some guidelines about how to validate learner eligibility:

The Working at Heights (WAH) Program Standard, Section 11.2 states: Learners must have previously successfully completed both modules of an approved Working at Heights training program to be eligible for refresher training. Employers can confirm their workers eligibility for the Working at Heights Refresher in one of four ways:


  1. Viewing the learner’s CPO-issued proof of completion card
  2. Viewing the proof of completion card issued by the approved training provider
  3. Matching the learner to a record of training in the training provider’s database
  4. Viewing any record of training from the employer that meets the requirements in O.Reg 297/13 section 10 (must include the name of the worker, the name of the of CPO-approved training provider, the name of approved training program and the date of successful completion of training)


Note: If none of the above options are available, please have the learner contact the MOL to obtain a record of training. Training providers should not train learners who cannot show proof of eligibility.



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